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Best Privacy Filter Screen Protector for MacBook Laptop & Computer Monitor



Whenever you talk about cyber security threats, most people would think about threats such as password hacks, phishing, and use of malicious software. People tend to forget about visual hacking.

Visual hacking refers to the prying eyes whether you are in the office or a restaurant having coffee and someone tries to see what you are doing on your computer. No one feels comfortable in such a scenario and thus the need to have a privacy screen protector for your device.

In this guide, we look at why privacy screens for your computer monitor are important and which are the top options to get right now.

Why You Need a Privacy Screen Filter?

Now that you understand what is a privacy screen protector, next is why do you even need one? For most people, it would be either of two things. Such include privacy in the workplace or privacy to personal computing.

Whenever you are working on something at the office, it is easy to find some people looking at your MacBook Pro screen to see what you are working on. Not everyone feels comfortable with the constant monitoring of their device from other people.

The worst can be when during such visual hacking, someone sees your sensitive data. This can include trade secrets, contact lists, bank statements and so much more.

The same thing applies to those who value their privacy to personal computing. Even if you do not use your MacBook Pro or Air for work purposes, you might still have confidential documents opened on the screen.

It might be easy for you to end up exposing personal data such as password logins, email communications, online bills, and much more. With a privacy screen installed, you deter more people from seeing your data.

What to Consider When Buying a Privacy Screen Protector

At this point, you should see the importance of getting a privacy screen. However, how do you choose the right one? Below are some of the considerations for picking the best privacy screen protector for your computer monitor.

Overall image clarity

Privacy screen protectors work by blocking some of the light from the screen. As a result, it becomes hard for some people to see the content on their screen with better clarity as before. It might be the reason why some opt not to use the privacy screen protectors.

However, there has been an improvement in the way privacy screen protectors are made. A company such as Kensington or 3M is now making better privacy screens that deliver 30% more clarity than the previous models.

Always consider the clarity of any privacy screen before buying one.

How to apply it

How you apply the privacy screen protector will vary a lot depending on the model. Some would require to follow a specific process so that the adhesive does not mess up your screen. For most privacy screen protectors, they allow for ease of applying the screens and removing them easily.

The size

If you are going to choose the best privacy screen protector for your MacBook Pro, then consider the right size. Ensure that you are buying the best privacy filter that fits your laptop screen. Luckily, manufacturers make them in various sizes. When placing an order, double check that you have chosen the right size for your device’s screen.

The color

You will have the option of choosing your favorite color when buying privacy screens. The basic screens will be black. Over the years, manufacturers have introduced more colors to help diversify their product lineups. Now you can get them in different colors such as gold sheen.

Remember that these colors can also affect how bright the MacBook Pro screen can be viewed. The Gold sheen color will be more expensive as it allows for more light to pass through, but it is still distracting to other workers. Black screens are the worst for those working outdoors, but still affordable.


As expected, different privacy screens will have different prices. Most will cost from $30 to $50, which seems like an affordable option. Compare the various models to see the type of features you get with the set price.

How Screen Privacy Filters Work

Privacy screen filters work great to keep the prying eyes away, what you do not know is that they rely on a low-tech principle to work. The privacy screens consist of a polarized plastic sheet as part of the construction.

The polarized sheet works as an optical filter by blocking the light from going out at certain angles. For our case of screen filters, the light on the sides of your laptop screen is blocked, leaving you with light in-front of the screen.

It is the same type of technology used in polarized sunglasses and some camera lenses to achieve certain shots.

Quick Summary

All the models we have reviewed below stand out for their impressive performance as privacy filters. With their narrow field of vision, it is easy now to keep people from trying to look at your computer screen. Many will find the models below being easy to apply onto their screens. Like the Kensington MP series privacy screen filter, which is magnetically attached.

Both Kensington models on this list are for those who require a quick snap on privacy filter they can take off any time. The 3M Gold privacy filter is for someone who wants something different other than the normal black privacy filter.

Most of the differences come in terms of applying to the laptop screen and the sizes available. If you are going to buy the privacy filter, make sure you get the model that fits your computer monitor screen perfectly.

Top 3 Best Screen Privacy Filter Reviews

1. Kensington Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro and Air

The Kensington MP series of privacy screens are easy to apply. This is because you simply attach it magnetically. It attaches over to your MacBook’s frame in a snap.

No more worrying about the adhesives that might end up damaging the pristine look of your device. Also, it is easy to see that you will take less time as compared to when you would be using the adhesive type.

Other than being easy to attach, we also find that the model provides for the best angled privacy. With a narrow field of vision being +/- 30 degrees, it helps to keep the prying eyes of coworkers away from your screen.

The filter itself is also ideal for filtering out the harmful rays by 22%. This helps in easing the eye strain and further reducing the chances of the blue light affecting your sleep patterns.


  • Kensington MP12 Magnetic Privacy Screen Compatible with 12″ 2016/2017/2018 MacBook
  • Kensington MP13 Magnetic Privacy Screen for 13″ 2016/17/18/19 MacBook Pro and 2018 MacBook Air Retina
  • Kensington MP15 Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15″ 2016/17/18/19 MacBook Pro
  • Kensington MP16 Magnetic Privacy Screen for 16″ MacBook Pro


  • Easy to apply magnetically
  • Offers more angled privacy
  • Reduces blue light


  • Leads to a huge gap when you close the MacBook Pro lid

2. 3M Gold Privacy Filter for Widescreen Laptop

If you are looking for a gold privacy screen, then this 3M gold privacy screen filter can be an ideal consideration for you. The best part is that it offers a 60-degree viewing angle. This should be enough to keep the prying eyes on your sides from seeing what is on your screen.

The filter comes with the option of using COMPLY attachment system. This system is important for you to quickly and easily change from screen sharing to a world-class privacy in a snap. It can be ideal for those who might need to share their screen often.

We also found it to be one of the thinnest privacy filters on the market. It should give you more privacy while at the same time not add any bulk to the laptop look.


  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 12.1″ Widescreen Laptop (16:10)
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 12.5″ Widescreen Laptop
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 13.3″ Widescreen Laptop (16:10)
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 14″ Widescreen Laptop
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 14.1″ Widescreen Laptop (16: 10)
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 15.4″ Widescreen Laptop
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 15.6″ Widescreen Laptop
  • 3M Gold Privacy Filter for 17″ Widescreen Laptop (16:10)


  • High quality privacy filter
  • Works with Comply attachments
  • It is ultra-thin to maintain a better profile


  • The installation instructions are not clear

3. Kensington Snap2 Privacy Screen for Most Computer Monitors

With this Kensington FS series of privacy screens, you will experience the best limited viewing angle of +/- 30 degrees. As a result, you can sit easy knowing that your information is protected on the screen.

Setting it up is easy thanks to having the spring-loaded mount system. The springs are adjustable so that you can fit it easily depending on the type of device. It is worth mentioning that there are several sizes to choose from.

The privacy screen is good at reducing the blue light up to 30%. This ensures that you never get the worst eye strain, especially for someone who works in front of their screens the whole day.

The model’s frame-free construction makes sure that it does not obstruct the controls or speakers. As a result, it is an ideal model for most computer monitors that require a privacy screen.


  • Kensington FS170 Snap2 Privacy Screen for 17-Inch Standard 4:3 Monitors
  • Kensington FS190 Snap2 Privacy Screen for 19-Inch Widescreen 16:10 Monitors
  • Kensington FS220 Snap2 Privacy Screen for 20-Inch to 22-Inch Widescreen 16:10 Monitors
  • Kensington FS240 Snap2 Privacy Screen for 22-Inch to 24-Inch Widescreen 16:10 and 16:9 Monitors


  • It is simple to set up
  • Impressive narrow field of vision
  • Reduces the harmful blue light


  • It looks bulky over the screen

Final Thoughts

From the guide above, it is easy to see that privacy screen filters are essential for your Macbook, or any other laptop screen. They ensure you do not have to worry about someone looking at your computer  screen to see the sensitive content.

They vary in terms of price with affordable models now available. Depending on your budget, it should be easy to get the best privacy filter for the money.

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There is a vast difference in quality, potential and mechanism among regular laptops and laptop designed for playing games. Regular work laptops can be compromised with quality and hardware mechanism but gaming laptops should be slim and slick that can run a modern triple-A game at high efficiency. The best gaming laptop should not weigh more than few pounds. It must hold versatile efficiency that grip and grab the latest technology of the world. Such laptops can exist in high temperature with the highest stability and humidity resistance as well. In the blog, we are going to discuss plenty of desired options to pick the best gaming laptop.

Looking for the best screen for the best gaming sessions? Below is the list of your favorite gaming laptops in 2022 you will adore buying the one this year.

7 Most Recommended & Best Gaming Laptops in 2022

  • Lenovo Ideapad

Lenovo is one of the best laptop market founded by a Chinese multinational technology company. Its headquarters has a global presence in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Lenovo presented precious laptop pieces in the past thus this fact cannot be denied. Most efficient gaming laptop chained with Lenovo IdeaPad with innumerable features to be discussed. Lenovo IdeaPad is the best products among laptops than the previous products. Laced with splendor features including, Ryzen processor 2500U, Integrated Vega 8 GPU, 128GB SSD hard and 12GB RAM. These features are super-competent for fast running high dimensional gaming laptops.

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  • Acer Aspire 3

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  • Dell Inspiron 3000

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Final Thought…

The above-discussed list of laptops can be last but not least for providing the best featured and specifications based laptops by most known companies like Lenovo, Acer, HP, and Dell. These are the best laptops when looking into the price shared above. The list may not contain the latest gaming laptops but under specific frame rates these are blazing and bashing choice meet all your gaming desires to fullest. They are capable to provide 1080p gaming sessions. Even you can say these are not high priced laptops as well. For perfect gaming gears, the best gaming laptop should not measure under cheap prices feels.

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Laptop Buying Guide – 8 Points To Check



In the last few years technology in the laptop has changed a lot. Due to development into technology laptop has become more advanced. The laptop is a multipurpose device and uses for gaming, office work, graphics design, and more. In this laptop buying guide, you get to know that what points you should check while buying a laptop.

Different things you need to take care of while buying a laptop. One by one we will discuss all points in the detail. Laptop selection depends on its use. For gaming, you need a laptop with high configuration and for office work, a laptop with medium configuration would be a good choice.

Laptop Buying Guide

Operating System

All laptops run on the operating system. The operating system enhances the experience of the user. Windows, MAC, DOS, Linux, Chrome OS various operating systems are available for the laptop. The majority of people pick windows laptops because their apps and programs are easily available on the internet.

MAC is a good alternative to windows. It takes little time to learn but when you become habitual of it, you started to love mac. For content creation works MAC is a good choice. One good thing about mac is that there is less chance of viruses in it. One drawback of mac is that it is only available on an Apple laptop.


Processor controls the whole operation of the laptop. Every task from little to big is processed by the processor. So, a good processor is important for a laptop. Intel and AMD these 2 processors are used in India.

Intel is a widely used processor. Intel’s core series is very famous. For low-end devices, core i3 is used and for high-end laptops, it uses core i7. Game lovers use AMD on their laptops. In most gaming laptops under 1 lakh, you find an AMD processor. If you are a gamer or want to do live streaming on YouTube, choose AMD processor for your laptop.

Graphics Card

In the last few years, NIVIDA and AMD have developed quality graphics cards for laptops. In earlier time, laptops don’t have any dedicated graphics card so while playing games or doing any video editing laptop freeze sometimes.

These days laptops are coming with the dedicated graphics cards. Graphics card improves the rendering speed of the laptop. A good graphics card helps you to play high graphics games easily like GTA, PUBG PC, etc. However, most people don’t need any graphics card if they use the laptop for office work only. Graphics card like Nvidia GeForce MX150 enhances the capability of the laptop for gaming.


On laptops, we open many files at the same time. RAM determines that how much space a program is needed to run smoothly. All open programs are stored in RAM. When the processor needs any program, it takes that program from RAM and increases the speed of the laptop.

8 GB RAM is enough for the daily task on the computer. RAM demand also depends on the use of the laptop. For gamers, 16 GB RAM is the minimum requirement. The good thing with RAM is that after buying a laptop in the future you can increase the size of RAM. High-end activities like gaming and video editing need more RAM to work properly.


For storage, you get SSD, HDD, or cloud storage options. SSD is the latest storage option for laptops. Along with storing data it also increases the speed of the laptop. SSD is small in size and more resilient in comparison to HDD.

The cost of the laptop with SSD is a little bit more but it is justifying due to the high speed of the laptop. With time and technology prices of SSD are going down. Few laptops come with dual storage features so you can use SSD and HDD both in a single laptop. It is good if you buy a laptop with SSD storage.


Your laptop display is more important than you think. 15 inches display size is enough for laptops. 17 inches laptops are also available and useful for gamers or video editors. Display quality depends on the feature of the screen.

The image quality depends on the resolution of the laptop. A higher resolution is always good for laptop. In the higher resolution, all images are seen in clear quality. Higher resolution also increases the price of the laptop. 1920X1080 pixels resolution is a good option for a laptop. In budget range laptops, you get lower resolution.


People forget this point but later they have to face issues while they connect multiple devices to the laptop. USB type-c and type-a ports should be available in the laptop so you can connect external keyboard or mouse. Also, in a USB type-c port, you can connect pen drives, mobile phones, etc.

After USB ports, the laptop should have HDMI ports. Through HDMI ports, you can connect an external display. Headphone jack, ethernet ports, SD card slot are some common ports that should be available on the laptop. More ports mean you can connect more devices to the laptop.

Battery Life

Laptops are portable in use so battery life should be enough to use it for long hours without a power supply. Long battery life is always a benefit for the laptop. Normally 7-8 hours, you get in the budge range laptops, and in low price laptops, you get 4-5 hours battery life.

Milliampere is the indicator of the battery size. Battery life depends on various factors like low-resolution displays with low brightness give a long battery life. Also, a number of programs that run in the background increase or decrease the life of the battery. Gaming reduces battery levels very fast because in gaming lots of resources are used.

Final words

After reading the laptop buying guide now you know that what points should you check while buying a laptop. Now you can pick the best laptop for you in your budget. Check all points one by one and then choose the best laptop. If you take some time and do proper research on a low budget you can find a good laptop.

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The 7 best antivirus for Mac



Today we bring you a compilation of the best antivirus for Mac so that you can protect your system against possible threats.

Although Apple is known for not having viruses in its system, there are cases in which you may find yourself in an unwanted situation and that is why we have prepared a list of the best antivirus for Mac .

There are people who for different reasons prefer to always keep their computers safe, especially if they contain very valuable and vital information for their lives, following the popular saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.

But if Apple does not have a virus then …

Do you need an antivirus for Mac?

The short answer is that it is generally not necessary. This is because its operating system incorporates different security protocols that make it difficult to access. However, this does not mean that it does not exist, has existed and will exist malware that puts your system at risk.

The increase in sales and use of Apple products in recent years has brought with it an increase in malware. For this reason, many people are interested in the best antivirus for Mac and thus be able to use them on their computers.

It is important to emphasize that compared to Windows there are almost no risks to your security. In fact, a large part of the viruses that enter Mac do so through Windows applications along with web pages and emails.

However, if you are not sure of the sites you browse, the applications you download, or you simply have bad luck with viruses, then it may be a good idea to install protection on your computer.

Types of antivirus

At this point you are probably wondering if you need an antivirus for your Mac . In the market there is a wide variety of offers and depending on what you are looking for, one or the other will suit you.

In this article we have compiled a list of the best antivirus for Mac, each analyzed individually, showing our opinions on their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, important data and general analysis of their operation.

We have divided them mainly into 2 categories that are self-explanatory, free antivirus for Mac and paid. You probably already know that paid products tend to provide more functionality and coverage in their programs, although this does not mean that free Mac antivirus are not reliable or functional.

Free Antivirus for Mac

This is the option for people who do not want to invest in an antivirus but at the same time want to protect their computer from what may happen. There are a wide variety of options to choose from and we have chosen the ones that seem most optimal to us.

Say that they are all very good options and surely meet expectations.

Avast Free Mac Security

Avast has very good malware protection reaching 99.17% threat detection. This places it among the best antivirus for Mac not only because it’s free but also because of its reliability.

Outstanding features

Unlike its free competitors, Avast has an email scanning system to ensure that nothing strange enters through links, files and messages.

However, it lacks some features that other antivirus include such as parental control. They also don’t have an advanced firewall or webcam blocker.

A plus is also that it has an extension in Google Chrome that indicates when a page is safe to visit or can be potentially harmful.


At first glance, it is a relatively simple interface, although not as simple as others. Provides with a wide variety of data for fans of analysis and research. For this reason it can be a bit complex.

Avast Opinions and Conclusions

Avast is one of the best free antivirus for Mac due to its high level of protection and its additional bonus for scanning emails. Despite not having some features that others offer, it has a good scanning speed.

Finally, the design of its interface is more aimed at users with a medium-high level because it has many tabs, menus and data that a beginner user could miss.

Avira Free Antivirus Mac

It has moderately good protection from threats but it is not the best by far. It can detect 93.33% of malware coming from Windows , which is a high percentage but it does not reach the 99% that others have. These are data to take into account to select among the best antivirus for Mac.

Outstanding features

One of its good things is that it has little impact on your computer’s speed when scanning in the background. However, when it does a full scan it is much slower compared to Avast.

To be free, it has a good system performance comparable to many other paid antivirus.


Here comes the best of Avira. Its interface is similar to that of other applications for Mac which stand out for their simplicity, elegance and functionality. This program is very intuitive and uncomplicated to use, easily accessible to any user.

Opinions on Avira and conclusions

This antivirus enters this list of the best antivirus for Mac especially for its simplicity in use. Not all users have the same facility to use this type of software and Avira is the ideal choice for these people.

That it is simple does not imply that it is a bad antivirus since it has a good percentage of protection and detection of threats. What I mean is that there are other free antivirus for Mac that have better features and at the same time are more difficult to exploit. Everything is to try since they are free and keep the one that best suits your needs.

Sophos Home Security Free

It has a fairly high score but far from the best in malware detection at 98.4% . Despite this result, it is honestly still a fairly high number and has other benefits that give it added value.

Outstanding features

You have 2 differentiating characteristics among your competitors that are worth highlighting. The first is that you can link with up to 10 other devices from a single account . The second is that it has a remote control that allows access and monitoring of processes from another computer.

As for parental control, it is a delicacy to have remote control of the systems linked to the account. You can set filters on the pages that you do not want your children to visit and also keep a history of the attempts to access those pages.


Sophos has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Nothing out of the other world in terms of aesthetics or functionality, but at the same time it is not complicated to handle.

Opinions on Sophos and conclusions

Among the best antivirus for Mac that are free, this is a good candidate especially for families who do not want to spend a lot of money on an antivirus. By having the remote control available one can know if their children are trying to access pages that are not suitable for them and at the same time protect their systems from possible threats.

AVG Antivirus Free

Together with Avast it has excellent protection, being able to detect 99% of threats . This is essential information for the proper functioning of a product of this style.

Outstanding features

It is a relatively simple antivirus since it has a main function and focuses on fulfilling it to perfection. This function is as mentioned before the protection of the equipment.

On the other hand, the only downside is that it only detects and cleans malware. In other words, it doesn’t offer any additional features that others have. The result of having a functionality is that it is easy to use.


Probably one of the best interfaces of all the antivirus analyzed. Its use is intuitive and you don’t have to be a genius to know how to handle it. It has few buttons to choose from and few tabs to get lost in, which according to the user can be positive or negative.

Opinions on AVG and conclusions

For its ability to protect the system which is the main task that it has to perform and for its ease of use we include AVG in the list. We especially recommend it for those users who do not want to be too complicated when it comes to cleaning their computer and keeping it protected.

Premium antivirus for Mac

For those who are willing to make an investment and ensure that their devices have the best quality of protection. Antivirus paid options offer several more advanced customization options that free ones do not.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky has almost perfect protection, detecting 99.17% of malware, although other unofficial tests give it 100%. But that this does not influence you when deciding because it incorporates a wide variety of defensive systems such as a password processor, backup copies and encrypted files.

Outstanding features

This antivirus has many security packages adapted to your needs, however these are not free. The basic version of this software does not have all the features that its packages offer.

Another aspect to note is that they have a virtual keyboard that prevents the entry of keyloggers. Keyloggers are a type of malware that detects everything you have typed on the keyboard. Some virtual keyboards like the ones you can find in some online banks avoid this type of practice.


Unlike other antivirus, this one presents an open and airy interface that leaves a wide space between texts and buttons.

Opinions on Kaspersky and conclusions

If you plan to buy the entire coverage package then this is probably one of the best paid antivirus for Mac. Since it has so many protection-oriented features such as file encryption or the virtual keyboard, among others. Now, if you are looking to use its basic package then you may find better options on the market for the basic price.

BitDefender Virus Scanner

BitDefender has the best protection against malware and ransomware reaching 100% in AV tests. It is because of this fact that it is one of the best antivirus for Mac on the market.

Outstanding features

An interesting component is that it allows you to locate the device on a map as long as it is connected. Although without a doubt its main characteristic is that of the protection already mentioned above.

A negative aspect is that it does not have a VPN or software to make backup copies if these are aspects that you are looking for in an antivirus. Another may be that the initial system scan is slow, although this I do not think is something to assess since it is only done at the beginning.


Its interface does not seem very complicated to use, although unlike the best antivirus for Mac that are free, it offers many more features as it is paid.

Bitdefender opinions and conclusions

If what you are looking for is the best protection on the market, this is undoubtedly the best choices. Now since all paid antivirus compete with each other, then there are very few differences, it is a matter of priorities. Anyway, almost all of them offer a free trial period so you can see how they work.

Norton Security

Norton has an excellent protection system, equaling its competitors with 99.17% detection of Windows malware. It should be noted that although there is little malware coming from Mac, Norton was able to detect and clean all malware from Mac.

Outstanding features

Paradoxically in this section Norton stands out more for the negative than for the positive despite entering our list of best antivirus for Mac and then I tell you why.

The main negative is its price. For what it offers it seems an excessive price and there are free Mac antivirus that offer comparable features saving the distances. On the other hand, Norton has a high impact on the system when scanning and is a bit slower than others.


It is beautiful although at first it can be a bit confusing because some options are in tabs that are not intuitive at first.

Opinions on Norton and conclusions

Perhaps the question in this section would be why it is included in this list if it seems that it has more good parts than bad. The fact is that Norton at least in my eyes was always one of the most famous antivirus for computers and that is why I wanted to make a special mention of it. At the same time reiterate the issue of prices and how there are other antivirus with more competitive prices.

So is it worth installing an antivirus on Mac?

Regardless of whether you install an antivirus on your computer, it is always good to make good use of the internet. If you browse through safe sites and don’t download unknown or suspicious applications, you shouldn’t have any problems. Emails can contain harmful links and files that are not Mac dependent and you should pay special attention to what is downloaded.

Now anyone can get a virus on their computer and if you want to make sure you can catch them in time it is good to have a protection system installed.

Of all the free options, we recommend Avast Free Mac Security and of the paid options, choose between Kaspersky Internet Security or Bitdefender Virus Scanner.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope that this list of the best antivirus for Mac will help you to decide on the one that best suits your needs.


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