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Essential Skills You Need to Consider When Hiring Android Developers for Your Business



You will find millions of mobile applications on the android app store, and very few are commonly used. According to a survey, one mobile application gets successful in every 10,000 applications, and that’s a big ratio. 

You will find this situation typically for android applications as testing is not that good during the development of android applications compared to iOS applications. Apple directly removes malfunctioning applications if they find bugs, glitches, or malware; thus, the apple play store is far better, and applications are secured enough.

Leading software development companies go through specific criteria before hiring android software developers to avoid future disappointment. As clients invest their hard-earned money in getting an app built, you can’t hire android developers without specific criteria, as there’s always a risk. It would help if you had specific criteria before hiring, and looking for skilled individuals should be your preference. 

This article is not only for software development companies to help them with the hiring process of developers but also for companies or small startups looking for android app developers to get their applications built. software development company Houston and many other competitive software development companies have specific criteria for hiring custom software app developers.

If you are looking for an android app developer to build an application for your business or startup, it is advisable to outsource a team or in-house team. If you are a startup, freelance android app developers are a good option, as they are cheap.

Levels of Android App Developers based on skills and experience

Mobile applications vary in complexity, so you can hire developers according to the skill level and type of tasks that are meant to be accommodated. So we specify the android developers into three types.

Junior App Developers

  • Little experience 1-2 years 
  • Previously worked under the experienced android app developer
  • Small applications development 
  • JAVA knowledge

Mid-level App Developer 

  • 3-5 years of experience 
  • Have a portfolio of past projects
  • Can work without supervision

Senior Android App Developer

  • More than five years of experience working in Android development is required to hire android app developers NYC for a reputable software firm; experience is crucial.
  • Can take the position of a lead ios app
  • Can supervise small or large teams 
  • Can accommodate the testing
  • History of working on small and large projects

Let’s discuss some of the hard and soft skills interviewers look for in an Android App Developer.

Hard Skills

Evaluation is a little difficult for the recruiter, so to assess the expertise level of the candidate, companies sometimes hire a CTO or ask their Senior App Developer to help in the recruiting process. This is an effective strategy as a skilled professional can only evaluate many technical skills. Whether it is an Android App Development company or an iOS app development company, hard skills are almost identical for the app developer hiring criteria. Following are some of the much-needed hard skills. 

  • Java Experience:  Java proficiency is a must. The most common programming language used to create Android applications is this one.
  • A competent programmer should be able to correct errors in other programmers’ code.
  • Knowledge about API. By probing him about the XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs, you may determine his level of knowledge and proficiency.
  • Understands the fundamentals of UI/UX design, SQL, and SQLite.
  • Google Play practical knowledge. This pertains to publishing and maintaining market-available apps.
  • Knowledge of how the back-end works. It suffices to have a fundamental comprehension of this area.

You define his technological stack by focusing on specific hard skills, such as Java or Kotlin, React or Flutter. It is a set of tools for putting your development knowledge into practice.

Soft Skills

  • When it comes to soft skills, we require them to assess how the Android app developer will interact with the customer and the team. Additionally, it demonstrates the productivity and stress management skills of developers.
  • The following are the top soft skills for Android app developers:
  • Social skills and cooperation. Even if a developer works solo on a project, he will eventually collaborate with marketers, designers, or bosses. A mobile app developer must be proficient in technical and non-technical communication.
  • A successful partnership may be significantly aided by good cultural compatibility. It’s critical to adhere to the same ideals as the rest of your business.
  • Teamwork. No of their degree of expertise, Android developers must collaborate.
  • Stress reduction: Issues are always a given while developing an Android app. You must be able to spin and handle pressure.

These soft skills criteria were taken from a leading custom software development company. 

  • Motivation. Technology is constantly changing. A skilled mobile app developer is continually acquiring new knowledge.


Hiring an android app developer is not easy, as there is a high chance of future disappointments if the app is not up to the mark. So, keeping a specific criterion for the recruiting process is better. Earlier in this blog, some of the most crucial hard skills are given. It is better to look for a team with a history of working on similar projects. Don’t forget to look for their reviews.

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Apple iPad Pro 2022 With Mini-LED Display, Thunderbolt Port, New Chip ‘On-Par’ With M1 to Launch in April




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The new iPad Pro will be available in April, the iPad will be available later this year, and the iPad mini will be available later this year.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch the new iPad Pro as early as April, the unbranded iPad in late 2022, and the new iPad mini in 2022 .

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