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Who is Streamer Big Tonka T? OP GG Stats and LOL On Twitch



Streamer Big Tonka T is turning into reasonably fashionable on Twitch for his clever poker recreation and technique. . . Follow us for more famous person & leisure updates.

Who Is Streamer Big Tonka T? His Wiki 

According to pokerdb.thehendonmob, Tonka’s net worth is estimated to be $205K. He is ranked 3,002nd on All-Time Money List. Likewise, he stands 121st on Canada’s All-Time Money List.

Streamer Big Tonka T -Op GG LOL Stats And Net Worth

Big Tonka T is a web-based recreation streaming, and is one of the fashionable streamers on Twitch.

Furthermore, Tonka stocks on-line and are living poker technique, twitch debauchery, hilarious circulation moments, & the abnormal chair giveaway from time to time.

In addition, the streamer is usually referred to as tonkaaaap on Twitch. He streams high-stakes poker tournaments on the web and wins/loses 1000’s of greenbacks on a daily basis.

One can apply him on his Twitter account underneath the username @Absolute bestTonkaNA. He has 362 fans, with whom he has shared round 2.8K tweets.

Likewise, you’ll be able to additionally apply him on Instagram underneath the username @tonkaaaap. His IG account is not but verified, and he has 22.2K fans, with whom he has shared a complete of 517 posts.

According to his Instagram bio, Tonka is a qualified poker participant. He performs poker on the web and streams it.

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According to, Big Tonka T is ranked Silver 1. His win charge is 94%, with 15 wins and 1 loss.

The most sensible 10 champions come with Draven, Urgot, Karma, Mordekaiser, Brand, Ivern, Annie, Pyke, Olaf, and Jarvan IV. All of them have a 100% win charge in Season 2022.

Tonka is entertaining to watch and an out of this world poker participant. However, he was lacking for round 2 weeks as he was at EPT Prague.

Talking about the streamer’s Global Poker Index rating, he is 65,010th. Furthermore, he has controlled to safe 206th rank in Popularity rating.

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Streamer Big Tonka T’s actual identify is Parker Talbot. According to his Twitter location, he is recently living in Seattle.

You can apply Big Tonka T on Twitch underneath the username @tonkaaaaP. His Twitch account is verified and has 123K fans.

One of his contemporary publicizes is titled ‘$1K WARMUP | $1K HIGHROLLER | high-stakes Tempest? — !bbzz’. The video is 6 hours and 5 mins lengthy and was streamed 4 months in the past. It has won 46.1K perspectives as of May 2022.

Furthermore, Tonka is a Team Member of Team PokerStars. There are a complete of 17 participants int his staff. It contains PokerStars, LexVeldhuis, easywithaces, Spraggy, ArlieShaban, GJReggie, pyefacepoker, majincast, xflixx, sr_catof, aakkari, ACoimbraPOKER, WisternJL, naigo1, AccidentalGrenade, and PokerStarsFrance.

In addition, the staff has gained 289,475 likes and 31,675,390 perspectives as of May 2022.

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